Monday, September 27, 2010

The Cutters Revenge


So I know this is no hipster movie or art film but if you want to be "well-watched" I think you need to see Breaking Away. To me in a way, it's about not fitting in but more importantly a study of class warfare. The setting is a small Indiana town with a college that brings ivy league types to rub elbow to elbow with kids from a blue collar ancestry. The haves and the have-nots are clearly apparent here. And I love the slang, "cutters" that the preps use to demoralize the working class kids. "They're just a bunch of cutters!".

Another story going on at the same time is the conflict between the lead Dave Stoller, played by Dennis Christopher, and his father. Dave has latched on to a cycling phase after watching the Tour de France and his dad cannot relate on any level. He has adopted European culture, listening to and singing opera and constantly craving Italian food. Beyond foreign to a Mid-western used car dealer. This relationship scenario has been played many, many times of course but they do it so well here.

Dennis Quaid got one of his first notices here, too. He plays Mike. A former high school football player who wasn't interested in college and swears he is better than the current players on the college team. He's an awesome 70's tough guy type who drives an Oldsmobile with mags that's jacked up in the back. Peels out a lot, too!

The "cutters" go head to head with the preps several times and always get put in their place until the end. I normally dislike happy endings but you will appreciate this one after what the "cutters" have to endure thoughout the movie.

Granted one academy award and 4 nominations in 1979, back when academy awards actually meant something. Oh, I almost forgot! We have a sealed VHS copy at the store. 4 bux.

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