Monday, August 23, 2010

Indie Film

A scene from Downers. Get the DVD at our store for $6.

Monday, August 16, 2010

the classic

(A.P.C. - f/w 2011)

there's nothing that makes me yearn for fall more (besides the
long string of miserably sweaty late summer days) than the appearance of
trenches and plaids and boots in the back to school catalogs
that begin to grace my mailbox each august.

(A.P.C. - f/w 2011)

though the style's stuck around since it was first introduced for
the british army by thomas burberry in 1901, we at pack rats are
particularly partial to the coat's appearance on our favorite girls
of the late 60's whose looks seem as if they'd fit in perfectly
still today.

(francoise hardy. 1966.)


(anna karina. made in the usa. 1966.)

(audrey hepburn. breakfast at tiffanys. 1961.)

(jacqueline bisset. bullit. 1968. though not technically a trench - i always think of her in this scene when i think of 60's trench stylings.)

the trench coat - with its lightweight design - is the perfect
coat to transition you from the cool days of fall (which, let's
be realistic, here in south carolina won't truly hit till sometime
round october) into the chillier months of winter. plus with our
milder days, a nice trench could even take you through the entire
season. of course here at pack rats we have our own selection of
vintage trenches - all priced at $35 and under.





Wednesday, August 11, 2010

We got these!

Classic country $3. Swing'in doors, pick-up trucks and PBR's

Arena Rock $8!

Blue eyed soul $4. Everybody had their Sgt. Pepper back then.
The Rascals went more psych-soul than psyche-rock. Double LP.

Jazz cornerstone $10. Monk, Hawk AND Art Blakey? Oh yeah.

You can take a listen to these and anything else
we have at Pack Rats. Drop by 2009 Greene Street
Columbia, SC 29205.