Friday, September 17, 2010

Customer Crush Of The Month - Dana!



we're crazy over these photos that one of our most favorite customers, dana, posted of the snoozer loser necklace from our shop! should we not play favorites? oops. but if you've ever met dana you surely know why we're smitten. not only is the girl extremely stylish in that seemingly effortless way - proof:



but she also makes these art cards which we find pretty super:




AND she hosts one of the best shows on WUSC - thursday nights @ 8pm. and it's not only that... dana has also been a huge supporter of pack rats since the beginning - and we couldn't be more grateful! so many people have come in cause "my friend dana told me about your shop" and, man, if there's anything we need right now it's all the help we can get with getting the word out. sooo...

thanks, dana!

hope this doesn't embarrass you too much.


p.s. read her blog!

p.p.s. - wanna be a customer crush? then come see us! talk to us! or send us a photo of you wearing/using something you found at our shop!

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