Saturday, October 16, 2010

naked boys! naked girls!


This Thursday we were excited to have our very first Pack Rats event. The PACK RATS - NAKED Boys/NAKED Girls Party!!! was our play on the traditional naked lady party which typically involves a group of friends who bring their old clothes, shoes and jewelry to throw in a pile and swap amongst themselves. Clean out your closet, get "new" clothes, eat a cookie, have a beer - for free! We had hoped to have a few guys in the mix, but poor ole Milton was the only boy to clean out his closet. Luckily, someone brought a nice heavy men's flannel so he didn't walk away empty handed.




Over the course of the night we had about 15 girls show up each with a bag or two of clothes in hand and each with their own individual and amazing style, so there were plenty of goods and a wide variety to choose from. I know I was happy with my finds (walking away with a poofy teal dress which will be perfect for prom in November) and I think (I hope!) everyone else walked away with some happy picks, too.






We had enough leftovers to fill Milton's trunk and most of his back seat which he took and donated today. Also, the past two days have found me in clothes I picked from the pile - including this ensemble I wore the very next morn' which is mostly made of swap pieces 'cept the shoes from Goodwill Clearance Center and the jacket which was my mom's:

october 15, 2010

Plus Milton wore his flannel this morning to fight off that autumn chill we've been having round these parts. We hope you all are getting as much wear out of your finds (and send us photos if ya wanna let us feature them here)!

Did you miss the invite? We didn't print flyers or anything (oops!) and only really advertised it on facebook, so be sure to follow us for more upcoming events. We'd love to have another swap - we were thinking one for each season, perhaps? Stay tuned...


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  1. aw man! I wish we took advantage of the awesome food. thanks for throwing this, please do more!!