Sunday, May 30, 2010

what pack rats watch


after a night at the shop spent on inventory and pricing we packrats
came home to a fridge of beer, cut up a few squash and sat down to
věra chytilová's 1966 film sedmikrásky a.k.a. daisies.

we generally enjoy any late 60's -70's film no matter how bad as we
love to soak in any bit of visual candy they provide and have
sat through our fair share of terrible psychedellic cash-ins (many somehow
starring peter fonda) or plotless self-described "urban action" flicks,
but daisies was not just eye candy but a full intellectual meal.






banned in its country (after a letter by the deputies of the czech national assembly
which refer to the film as unintelligible trash), daisies follows two girls,
each named marie, who decide that since the world is bad they should be
bad too. the two maries go on date after date, teasing older men then
listening and laughing together afterwards at their pleaful i-love-you phone
calls while cutting sausages with scissors and spearing eggs with forks.



feminist, psychedelic, surreal, nihilistic, existentialist, political - take
yr pick. made by a woman who, according to the guardian- gleefully
admits to beating up her cameramen when they prove unwilling to
try out new ideas - daisies showcases that very same angry strong
and in your face character with its young rebellious in your face
maries. but we won't go on and on - we liked it- and as věra chytilová
herself said, "i'd rather have cash than laurels."




Copy of Sedmikrasky 01


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  1. i have to say this was one of the weirdest movies i have ever seen, but visually so stunning!